Fall Is Here

Fall Is Here
Another Day.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well as soon as things look good, it goes bad.

I had a good day, starting out. I got to talk to Matt all day and then I went to get my hair cut and stuff. So I was satisfied. But I guess I spoke to soon in my last post.

Nothing really ever seems to go my way, I need to stop planning every detail. I mean really, every time I do, it somehow gets fucked up. I thought I had bought my plane ticket and everything was peachy, I come home to find out that my card was declined for the purchase of the ticket. Thus, I was very up set, traumatized and constantly thinking of what I was going to do. I was about to head in to a deep depression and just close my self off from the world but luckily, we have a new plan. An even better plan, might I add.

I pushed my trip back and now am going to leave May 8th. And instead of staying one week, i'll stay two. :D

This should work, god I hope it works.
Just let this go right. Let it go right, please.
I don't know who i'm begging in this, to make it go right, but i'll beg to anyone and anything that will grant this wish, this dream, this goal.