Fall Is Here

Fall Is Here
Another Day.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Getting better...slowly.

Well from my last rant, I will make this one a happier post.

I bought my ticket for Michigan today and i'm excited about that.
Another thing is that Hayley and I are now going on a diet and going to go jogging everyday as well as do crunches and stretches. Working out has always helped my mood. I also found out that they way you look when you turn 22, for a woman, your body will always try to go back to looking that way until you of course get to too old. It is a proven fact though unless you just let your self go completely. Which I will not.

I truly love the feeling of working out though, you have more confidence and love yourself more. This is such a good thing. I have three weeks left to get to how I want to look, though that won't happen, i'm still going to try everything in my power to do so.

My work starts back up on Monday and i'm happy about that. I need to be making money. I always end up having money problems, it is ridiculous and depressing. I really need to get a second job or find a different job, which i'll do when I come back from my trip. This job does make me go insane though. I love the people I work with but my supervisor just doesn't have his shit together and it is a disgrace.

Also, on different note, my birthday is on Tuesday. I'm not going to do anything though. Which is fine with me but my friends are still bitching about it. I'm just turning 20, okay? It is not a big deal, look forward to me turning 21 next year. Party in Vegas.

Well thats all for now. I guess.

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