Fall Is Here

Fall Is Here
Another Day.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So let's see...

So i'm trying to focus, so as I was sitting alone tonight I realized what is really wrong with me. I have separation anxiety and fear of failing. It causes me to be an insomniac and is having my moods come crashing down when i'm not talking to someone or when i'm alone. Though, I've started to have a fear of getting a job. It is strange and I hate it, its not like me so i'm trying to think positive. I have to, I need to stay focused on my goals ahead in life and I want to make my love proud. Not annoyed.

Anyways, on a better note, I caught up on my shows today. :]
Which I love watching my shows, I would tell you all of them but there are to many. Also, i'm listening to the music video channel...why is it I can't really understand Jamaicans? In Rap music, unless they are actually singing. Haha well I don't have much to report on and this is just a boring post tonight but I felt I had to write.

So until later ~~~

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  1. I recognize the fear of failing
    i've come to terms that i gotta fall on my face sometimes...not fun